Our oil is 100% Arbequina olives, hand picked directly from the tree daily during its optimum ripeness. They are taken to the cooperative by the farmers themselves without intermediaries and the oil is produced in the traditional way by means of a pressing system, which guarantees the preservation of the natural properties both biological and organoleptic, with the quality of freshly harvested olives.

oli The oil has green tones at the beginning of the campaign and as the olives mature they take on a more golden colour. The first oil produced is fruity, with shades of green, body and flavour and overtones of herbs, green almonds and a touch of wild forest. Then as the campaign progresses the oil turns gold and sweet, taking on a taste and aroma of ripe fruit, with a slightly bitter and spicy finish. The low acidity of the oil, from 0.08 to 0.12 is recognized for its excellence by gourmets and considered among the best oils in the world, having been honoured by the Les Garrigues D.O. for its quality and the oil has won Awards at the Les Garrigues Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fair in 2007 and 2009 in the category of sweet green fruit. Every harvest Les Garrigues D.O. renews its trust in our production guaranteeing and certifying with their label that we have passed all quality controls.